Maximize revenue for long tail products

Your top earning products may monopolize most of your attention, but by leaving your “long tail” to fend for itself, you could be missing significant product sales and marketing opportunities.

QuickLizard’s automated software solution uses Big Data technology to enable e-tail sites to increase profit and conversion all along the long tail. It applies the same disciplines used by sophisticated algorithmic trading engines in stock markets, enabling your e-commerce site to automatically take advantage of market discrepancies in real time and to achieve its full revenue potential.

Pricing intelligence, pricing optimization and marketing performance improvement 

QuickLizard is a friendly product level intelligence and product management suite with powerfull analytic and pricing optimization capabilities. Quicklizard solution  provides you with up-to-date internal and competitors analytics and allows you to wisely design your marketingadvertising and pricing strategy

  • Collaboration in real time

    Real time pricing optimization and pricing intelligence

    Up-to-date analytics from your competitors combines it with internal information and allows you to wisely design your pricing and marketing strategy automatically and in real-time.

  • Presice callculation

    Personalized landing page

    Automatically designs your landing page based on market information and internal conversion and impression values.

  • Professional support

    Performance based pricing

    Adjust your product prices in real time based on each product and group performance. Pricing calculation takes in account the internal performance and sets the optimal price that brings the highest value for the company.

We support any type of eCommerce site and the following eCommerce platforms

In addition to simple integration to any eCommerce site we ensure seamless integration to the most common eCommerce platforms.

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