Our mission is to enable retailers to achieve pricing excellence at scale.

We do this by providing an end-to-end plug & play pricing solution for the full product lifecycle. For the entire product catalogue. Across all channels, globally. A solution that perfectly fits your specific needs, and flexible to change as they do.

Meet Our Team

  • Pini Mandel
    Pini Mandel CEO & Co-Founder

    As the co-founder and CEO of Quicklizard, I obsess about our customers’ success and about scaling our fast-growing business worldwide. I lead a rapidly growing team of employees and partners worldwide, and always looking for new business opportunities and talent. Prior to establishing Quicklizard, I was CEO of 3Base (acquired in 2012).

  • Yossi Cohen
    Yossi Cohen CTO & Co-Founder

    As the co-founder and CTO of Quicklizard, I’m responsible for the strategy and execution of our product and technology roadmaps. I lead our teams of developers, product managers, and data scientists in creating the best and most technologically advanced AI-pricing optimization platform. Prior to co-founding Quicklizard, I co-founded 3Base (acquired in 2012).

  • Or Stokelman
    Or Stokelman CFO

    I’m a strategic partner and business enabler. I bring extensive experience in building and managing global Finance teams, and in scaling growth by balancing short-term and long-term business objectives. Prior to joining Quicklizard, I served as VP finance of North and Central America at Prodalim Group, and as leader of high-tech Assurance Services at E&Y.

  • Moranne Levi
    Moranne Levi VP Revenue Operations

    For over 20 years I’ve been helping technology companies design, shape and manage their Sales operations. Building & aligning teams, methodologies, processes and tools across Quicklizard’s revenue generating units. Providing actionable insights that support and drive revenue growth.

  • Nir Cohen
    Nir Cohen COO

    As COO, I’m focused on building and leading teams at scale to support the growing business needs of Quicklizard’s customers. I bring extensive experience in managing large teams and supporting a large pool of clients. Prior to joining Quicklizard, I built and scaled marketing and growth teams, designed algorithms and lead product innovation.

Our Value


We believe that pricing should reflect real economic value for customers, retailers and brands.

Data Driven

Accurate and unbiased pricing decisions that reflect behavioral trends and market prices.


We commit to discretion and data protection. We do not share information with 3rd parties.

    Start developing the right pricing strategy and find new opportunities with this free 1-on-1 consulting session. Our pricing experts will help you with best practices based on our experience advising hundreds of global retailers.