Bringing Value to Your Business

Quicklizard is an AI technology solution provider with a leading portfolio of solutions for dynamic pricing analysis and management. We believe that pricing should reflect real economic value for customers, retailers and brands. We supply concrete data that can create accurate and unbiased pricing decisions, which reflect behavioral trends and market prices.

QL proudly serves hundreds of clients around the world. The company maintains a global network of distribution offices and a wide ecosystem of partners, consultants and data providers, while sustaining a local presence across Europe and North America.

We are committed to discretion and data protection, and do not share information with 3rd parties.

Our Mission is to accelerate dynamic pricing platforms, while enabling real-time pricing decisions across online and offline channels.

Our Vision is to become the global enablers of dynamic pricing.

Meet Our Team

  • Pini Mandel
    Pini Mandel CEO

    Pini established QL in 2013, bringing more than 15 years of technology industry leadership and executive management experience to his role as CEO. Pini manages the company’s fast-growing business worldwide and leads a global team of employees and partners. Prior to establishing QL, Pini was CEO of 3Base (acquired in 2012).

  • Yossi Cohen
    Yossi Cohen CTO

    With a whopping 15 years of experience in tech and product management, Yossi is a key figure in creating the company’s excellence-driven processes. Yossi previously co-founded 3Base (acquired in 2012), and held strategic roles in Procognia.

  • Tal Weber
    Tal Weber CRO

    With 15 years of experience designing distribution and sales networks for emerging technologies, Tal is a results-oriented leader with a strong performance track record in highly competitive environments. Focusing on media, marketing, security and telecom, Tal’s role is to deliver the Quicklizard message to first-tier clients around the world.

  • Zohar Arad
    Zohar Arad VP R&D

    Specializing in the integration of frontend and backend web technologies, micro-service architecture design, API-driven single-page applications and the adoption of new web technologies, Zohar is a technology guru with over 10 years of experience. Zohar is the co-founder of Geektime, a leading Israeli tech blog. He is also a popular lecturer and teaches web technologies in multiple forums throughout Israel

  • Yitzchak Cohen
    Yitzchak Cohen VP Data Science

    With 5 years as a real-time embedded software engineer, and 3 more as director of engineering, Yitzhak is highly skilled in both planning and delivering complex projects. Yitzhak’s vast experience in data analysis, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision algorithms is key to Quicklizard’s ability to turn data into revenue.

  • Effi Spitzer
    Effi Spitzer Senior Account Manager

    Formerly an Operations Manager at QL, Effi is now in charge of onboarding customers, maintaining client relationships and making QL an active part of their personal business dynamics. Certified by the Israel Bar Association, Effi completed his internship at the Litigation Department at “Glusman & Co”.

  • Shir Boker Ganon
    Shir Boker Ganon Customer Success Manager

    Shir is responsible for developing strong customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty, while enabling growth. Previously Customer Success Manager at Bravo.ai, Shir has held strategic positions at SigmaLabs Accelerator and Elbit Systems Ltd.

Our Value


We believe that pricing should reflect real economic value for customers, retailers and brands.

Data Driven

Accurate and unbiased pricing decisions that reflect behavioral trends and market prices.


We commit to discretion and data protection. We do not share information with 3rd parties.

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