New Year, New Look!

Today, we’re launching our new brand. As you’re reading this blog post, I’m guessing you’d have noticed on your own eventually.


2021 has been a whirlwind of activities from markets starting to pick up post the COVID-19 closers and Quicklizard going public and the shift in demand for Pricing optimization tools.

We’ve been continuously evolving as a company and are at a critical point as an organization. Since we pivoted our business in 2017, we’ve been developing a stronger sense of who we are and our identity, year after year. At this point we felt we needed a stronger identity that clearly calls out and reflects who we are and what we believe in.

Picture15 1

Starting today, you’ll see our new brand—Our old logo remains but we introduced a new color palette  and messaging across our key marketing channels (website, social media, etc.). These changes help reflect who we are as a company and better align ourselves with the value we provide to the world. 

This work is not simply about a new look or coat of paint, but an affirmation of our goal as an organization: to help retailers and brands achieve pricing excellence at scale.


With that in mind, we’ve also been enhancing our platform. Our new set of AI pricing and data enrichment modules allow retailers to fine tune their pricing strategies so they can price with confidence. We’ll be announcing some exciting updates in the coming months about enhancements to our product and services that we can’t wait to share with you.

price new

Our new look is just one step on our journey—I’m excited about where we are today and look forward to continuing to partner closely with our customers on their path to pricing excellence.

Our Values


Excellence guides us in everything we do. We aim high. We execute on the details. We take pride in our work.

Innovation is in Everything We Do – We challenge assumptions, embrace change, and integrate ingenuity in everything we do. We constantly strive to do better and reach beyond.

is part of our DNA — We embrace diversity of background, experience, opinions and views. It is how we grow and how we build a sustainable business.

We build Partnerships – through listening, transparency and empowerment, we build trust that transforms ordinary relationships into powerful collaborations and alliances.

More exiting things to come in the coming weeks, follow us on social channels or subscribe to our blog.
contact us If you wish to hear more about our offering and how we may help your organization build a resilient and effective pricing infrastructure.

Stay tuned for an AMZING 2022!


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