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Early Metrics helped validate our goal, which is helping businesses worldwide increase their revenue.


In 2018, Quicklizard entered negotiations with a large business enterprise. The company was keen on working with us, but they wanted to make sure that we would live up to their standards of excellence. So they contacted Early Metrics, a company that helps other companies evaluate third-party service providers, start-ups and potential investments.

Creating a Healthy Ecosystem

The start-up ecosystem is dynamic and exciting. It is helping move the world forward. Yet it is also complex and cluttered. Investors and clients are constantly looking for better evaluation tools, which will help them make better decisions regarding potential collaborations with start-ups and innovation initiatives. This is where Early Metrics comes in.

Not all start-ups are created equal, and not all have the same chance for success. Early Metrics has developed a unique rating model and methodology that helps assess the services/products offered by start-ups and innovative business initiatives, as well as their growth potential. This evaluation helps potential collaborators gain insights that will help them make better decisions. It also helps the evaluated start-ups better understand their strengths and weaknesses, as they move forward towards achieving their business objectives.


Optimal Transparency and Trust

Early Metrics are extremely trustworthy. To avoid any conflict of interest, they do not charge a fee from the companies they rate. Their assessment process is based on extensive data analysis, as well as interviews with top management staff. Their method is precise and methodological, and they are constantly striving to adapt and perfect their craft. Their ultimate goal is to help create a better, more transparent ecosystem for start-ups and innovative businesses.

The Top 5%

Early Metrics contacted us to begin the assessment process. Throughout the process, they talked extensively with our management staff, while familiarizing themselves with our business practices and technology. They also dove right into the developing world of dynamic pricing – including history, trends, market growth potential, etc.

In March 2019, Early Metrics contacted us. They had some great news. Based on their evaluation, they rated Quicklizard in the top 5%. We were thrilled. Obviously, we know the value of what we do. But due to Early Metrics’ Top 5% rating, potential clients and collaborators know that partnerships with Quicklizard have a high chance for success.

In summary, quality independent assessment holds great merit. Early Metrics helped validate our goal, which is helping businesses worldwide increase their revenue. We also feel a tremendous sense of pride in taking part in a process that is helping make today’s business ecosystem more unambiguous, and thus benefiting all players involved.


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