About Us

The Quicklizard idea was sparked during a discussion between our co-founders, who were living in the same building at the time, and sat together one day to shoot the breeze.

They started discussing a business issue they encountered while managing the roaming department of a telecommunication company where the issue of managing competitive price tables for hundreds of locations and different customer types became complex and time consuming.

This brought about their Eureka moment from which the idea emerged: "Why don't we create a dynamic pricing engine for companies facing the same problems?"

So in 2009, a product was designed to enable product managers to easily monitor large amounts of product prices. Two years later, in 2011, the three of them founded Quicklizard, and QL was born. Since then, Quicklizard evolved and introduces 3 products for dynamic pricing analysis and management.

For rule based, targeted pricing scraping and monitoring, complete with a reporting and analysis suit.

For full catalog scraping of competitors and businesses of interest.

For Travel designed specifically to cater to the needs of the travel industry to enable travel agents to remain competitive in real time with a fraction of the effort and with better results.