DynamicQL - real-time, smart competitive pricing

Product Data Management

Just point DynamicQL in the right direction. DynamicQL will combine data from all sources - your website and mobile app, your competitors, your ERP and other sources

Pricing Rules Manager

Implementing a powerful pricing strategy relies on creating the right blend of high priced - low priced products that will support you as a powerful brand in your arena.

Automated Pricing Optimization

No need to manually scan the competition several times a day to try and pin-point the price updates they introduced and analyze them. Set the perimeter for price optimization and let DynamicQL do its thing. Get alerts on specific price changes, and benefit from automatic, rule-based price optimization.

Reports & Insights Module

Hind-sight is pointless. DynamicQL enables you to anticipate, react and be on top of your game. Use the Reports & Insights module to understand market pricing fluctuations and your competitors' pricing strategy, to counter it as it evolves in real-time.


Use the DynamicQL API to receive and display the data in any way that's convenient to you. You can also opt to view the data through our web platform, from anywhere, anytime.

QL360 - full catalog data scraping

Setting the Perimeter

Setting up QL360 takes minutes. Connect your site and apps and you are on the go

Analyzing Competitive Data

QL360 will arrange and display your competitors' full catalog, complete with product prices, description, attributes, images and publicly available data published on the product page by them. QL360 enables you to understand when you need to respond to competitive changes, and where it doesn't matter.

Search, Discover, Act

You can search your competitors' catalog, zoom in on specific products or product groups to learn your competitors' strategy, and then surpass them.

QLTravel - real-time travel listing scraping & analysis

Going to The Source

On top of all the advanced features included in DynamicQL, QLTravel ingests its data directly from all major travel systems, including THE sources - Sabre and Amadeus. Every travel listing (deal) entered to these systems becomes instantly available to you. You can request alerts when travel deals with specific parameters are entered to the systems, or you can manually search for deals as research before deciding how to price a new deal you wish to introduce. All this relevant data is available to you via QLTravel's API or our web platform.

Deal Finder

Search QLTravel for deal parameters you want to understand your positioning for (dates, number of people, hotel ratings, etc.) and click to view deals carrying the same parameters, as entered by your competitors.

Deal Breakers

Now consider your market placement, and how you want to position yourself for a specific deal - all depending on demand and availability.

It's a Deal!

Create a new deal carrying the price you believe will get you to your sales target and coveted commission.