Is Your Pricing Always Aligned
With Your Business Goals?

With Quicklizard – Retailers know that their prices are always aligned
with their business goals.

  • The right price for every SKU
  • On every channel
  • All the time
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How It Works

Our platform connects to multiple data sources, and sends all price-impacting data to the pricing engine, which balances AI and business rules to recommend the optimal price per item per channel.

Accepted recommendations are automatically deployed in real-time to the right channels, and updated in ERP records, creating a closed-loop pricing cycle.

The open nature of our platform enables retailers to easily match system functionality with business needs.


Pricing Optimization

The best pricing decisions are made with smart simulations and predictions that are based on historical data, while being constrained by business rules that align with your pricing strategy.

Just as people make decisions with both left-brain planning and right-brain intuition – So does the Quicklizard platform allow every pricing decision to be made with either or both AI and a rules engine.


  • ML-Optimization
  • AI Simulation
  • Multi-branch exploration


  • Multichannel pricing strategies
  • Pricing rules and constraints
  • Fully customizable

What You get

  • Optimization and

    Manage prices on your full
    product line

  • Multichannel

    Manage prices for every channel
    in every market

  • Real-time
    trigger response

    The right price for every SKU
    on every channel

  • Full

    Open platform so you customize
    based on your needs

  • Intuitive user

    Intuitive user

  • Dedicated account

    We stand by you before and after deployment with a dedicated account manager

Proven Results

  • UP TO
    Profit lift
  • UP TO
    revenue lift
  • 100%
    Catalog coverage
  • Go Live
    within weeks