Increase Profit & Revenue on All Sales Channels Through Dynamic Pricing

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Meet Quicklizard’s CEO, Pini Mandel, at SHOPTALK 2020, March 22-25

Retailers all over the world utilize Quicklizards’ Dynamic Pricing platform, to increase profit by 10% and revenue by 30%.
Quicklizard empowers retail companies to implement their Pricing strategy.

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Seeing Our Clients Succeed is What Drives Us. Every Day.

Our solution enables product managers to easily and automatically update large amounts of product prices. We offer three modes of operation, based on your specific needs:

Rule Based
Dynamic Pricing

Define and implement rules and constraints to limit pricing flexibility based on your overall strategy and approach

Dynamic Pricing

Leverage off-the-shelf algorithms that automatically define and implement flexible pricing based on market dynamics such as competitor activity, user behavior and more.

Combine AI &
Rule-Based Pricing

Apply AI recommendations (80%), confined by pre-defined rules & constraints (20%), to predict and implement the ultimate price at any given moment

Quicklizard is a global solution provider that helps retailers make smart real-time pricing decisions across online and offline channels. Relying on accurate data analysis, QL’s dynamic AI platform allows businesses to adjust prices with maximum precision, quickness, ease and efficiency, as a basis for enhanced profit and revenue.