Product Data Management
taking you from information to conversion

Identify Important Variables

Costs, Inventory Cycles, Competitor Prices, User Behaviour - QL360 collects data from al sources

On Your Mark

DynamicQL tracks 100% of your catalog, recognizes trending products and marks them for special attention.

Review & Analyze

See a detailed pricing competitive landscape, including price comparison and positioning, trend graphs and insights.


Automatically update product prices with smart pricing rules you create, OR make the pricing changes manually, OR both. Each path always keeps you on top of your game.

Competitive Pricing Analysis
understanding your competitors is priceless


You know who you're running up against and the position you want your business to be all about. Point QL to the competitors that define your success zone: who's below and who's above your price range.


Track pricing trends to understand the way your competitors manage price changes over time and how this affects your performance.

Product Groups Price Elasticity

Mark the key product groups you want to analyze; Understand your sensitivity to each competitor and the absolute price.


Study your competitors pricing behaviour and adjust your strategy to match the position you want to secure in your market.

Data Driven Dynamic Pricing
control the rules. own the market


On Your Mark

Automated data driven rules are the best triggers for effective pricing management. DynamicQL will automatically set pricing rules based on the most updated pricing data


Get Set

Matching the rule with the correct action is imperative for successfully managing your pricing strategy. You can set rules that will trigger an automatic pricing update, and others that will just alert you to a specific change trend and provide a recommendation for updating your prices


Wait For It

You can choose to set specific and effective rules such as: change the price if the competitors' target product changes by over/under 15%, OR raise your price if your competitor is our of stock



These rules will be executed automatically when a criteriais met, or you can stay in control by receiving an alert and making the necessary pricing updates manually to ensure the new price matches your entire business strategy

Real-Time Clickstream Data Analytics
because your brand is priceless

What's Trending?

Your brand can't afford to lag behind. Monitoring price fluctuations and chances is crucial not just for making smart price updates, but also for understanding what's trending in your market and which products or product groups require special attention.

Anomaly Detection

Detecting unusual behaviour patterns is crucial. Catching conversion drops for a specific product while page views increase is key in reversing a trend where customers learn about a product in your shop but buy somewhere else. QL ensures you detect and reverse these anomalies in real-time.

Automatic Pricing Recommendations

QL is not just about telling you what needs fixing or your attention. Whenever an anomaly is detected, the system will analyze it and automatically provide an actionable recommendation!

Machine Learning & Data Science

Our data (mad) scientists created a custom machine learning algorithm which processes your clickstream and your competitors' price scraping data to provide you with a set of recommendations to increase your conversions and profit.