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Quicklizard: One Platform For your Product Data Management, competitive Inteligence and Dynamic Pricing

Leverage the power of Machine Learning & AI to maximize your profit and revenue, automate pricing, and respond faster to trends, competition, and user behavior.

We help businesses boost their revenue & profit by up to 30%


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If you clicked on manual pricing, it means that you are still using excel. Your next step will be rule based pricing model, to enable you to enforce various pricing rules and scenarios and automate it.



If you already have rule-based pricing model, you are on the right track! Your next step will be moving to AI based pricing engine that enables faster respond to trends , competition, and user behavior.



If you clicked on 5, check out our AI solution, we do things better!


Our solution enables pricing managers to easily and automatically update large amounts of product prices
We offer three modes of operation, based on your specific needs:

Rule Based
Dynamic Pricing

Define and implement rules and constraints to limit pricing flexibility based on your overall strategy and approach

Dynamic Pricing

Leverage off-the-shelf algorithms that automatically define and implement flexible pricing based on market dynamics such as competitor activity, user behavior and more.

Combine AI &
Rule-Based Pricing

Apply AI recommendations (80%), confined by pre-defined rules & constraints (20%), to predict and implement the ultimate price at any given moment

The Quicklizard platform effectively sets flexible prices for products or services based on existing market demands.

Pricing managers spend hours trying to keep track of what goes on beyond their office doors. But monitoring competitor activities, sales, holidays, inclement weather, special events and any other myriad of elements that impact supply and demand trends is a complicated task. Most businesses find it beyond their capabilities.

Dynamic pricing is the ideal solution to this problem. We integrate an existing platform and strategy, combined with local competitive intelligence and market dynamics, to create a real-time sales environment evaluation for a particular product or service. Businesses can choose their preferred data sources, with granularity down to the level of a specific store or brand in specific locations.

Quicklizard is fully customizable. The platform takes into account everything that may impact the price of a given product or service in real-time, and recommends the ideal pricing structure to boost revenue and profitability. The system integrates with existing ERP and sales platforms, automatically updating prices across all sales channels with 100% catalog coverage.


Increase profits by up to 10% and revenue up to 30% by dynamically adjusting product prices

Pricing automation ensures accurate implementation of pricing policy across channels with 100% catalog coverage

Intuitive control dashboard: full control over AI and rule-based pricing strategies

A real-time response to user behavior, competition and cost changes

Fast and simple implementation. Integrations with common commerce, retail and ERP platforms

Seamless sync of approved price recommendations into commerce or ERP platforms

Our Most Popular Features

Product Data Management

Create your individualized product catalog by combining data from multiple sources such as your website, mobile app (i.e. analytics and images), competitors, ERP (cost and inventory), product master (product attributes) and other sources.

Pricing Rules Manager

Regardless of the number of SKUs and product types gathered into your product catalog, we enable a rule-based mechanism – based on your pricing strategy – to efficiently manage all product pricing.


See everything that has happened with your products in the past 24 hours, including changes in pricing, conversion and revenue. Gain valuable visibility on competitor price changes, as well.

Full Customization

Enjoy flexible, customized functionality defined for your unique pricing requirements. In-house data scientists code in Python to create custom pricing rules. No installation needed – use our cloud-based platform to write, debug, test and deploy your custom pricing, cost or condition function!

Reports & Recommendations

Real-time & on-demand reports and recommendations regarding your entire catalog.

Automated Pricing & Recommendations

We use the rules you’ve defined (your pricing strategy) to automate pricing.


Simple API Integration: backend & analytics to receive and display data. You can also view the data through our web platform – anywhere, anytime.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is used to optimize your strategies for increasing revenue and profit.

Campaign Management

Plan targeted campaigns for special events and promotions, while monitoring results in real-time.

Visibility & Control

Full visibility on everything that happens in your pricing catalog: from processes to pricing decisions, revenue, profit and more.

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